Address Validation for

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Keep your account, contact and custom addresses clean

using the power of an Address Validation API of your choice.

Address Validation for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is a cost effective, light weight, configurable address validation, standardization and geo-coding add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It is the perfect tool to validate your address data in any entity (out of the box or custom), in any field (custom or out of the box) using a client (form) or server side (workflow) mechanism.

Intuitive Front-End Validation

Configure your CRM forms and provide your users with a easy way to verify the address they type in is accurate. They even get to see a preview of the location on a map before confirming the address.

Frequently asked questions


Who Needs Address Validation?

In most industries, there is a huge need to send shipments to various locations around the world or to send individuals to locations for pickup, drop-offs, repairs or other business reasons.

Currently, for companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) to store addresses (accounts, customers, contacts, etc), there is no way to make sure these addresses are accurate. This results in shipments being sent to wrong locations and returned to the sender, or to people being sent to locations that do not exist. The cost of managing returns, drivers' loss of time, gas consumption among many other errors can be a great burden for any business.

To reduce the cost associated with these types of errors, using Address Validation for Dynamics 365 CE is a simple and inexpensive solution.

How Does it Work?

Address Validation for Dynamics 365 can be installed and configured in minutes with these simple steps.

  1. Install the Dynamics 365 CE managed solution
  2. Activate your licence or start a new trial
  3. Select and configure your own Address Verification API (currently supported : Google Maps API, Bing Maps API, Melissa Data, more to come)
  4. Select the entities and address fields to be validated
  5. Configure your forms or workflow based on configuration
Note that Address Validation supports Dynamics 365 Online only (v9+).

What Makes Us Different?

We position ourselves differently from traditional data quality API vendors. Most of these companies have deep data quality expertise and large proprietary databases and search algorithms. Very few of these companies have the proper Dynamics 365 platform expertise. Our focus is to work in reverse, we are driven towards providing an empowering and flexible address verification solution for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365. How?

  • Easy configuration for admins and end users
  • Flexibility in enabling address verification on any entity and any address fields
  • The ability for CRM owners to decide which API they want to use
  • The ability to verify addresses without any user interactions (using Dyn365 workflows) or with a manual action from users
  • Straight forward licencing model : we do not make any money on address verification transactions, we just give you the tool and freedom to choose your own verification API

How Much Does it Cost?

Who needs a Licence? One license is required per Dynamics 365 (CRM) Organization, regardless of the number of active users in each organization. Pricing Information For organizations using Bing Maps or Google Map APIs only: $1000 (USD) / year / CRM Organization For organizations using Melissa Data: Contact Melissa Data ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION

  • License includes ongoing maintenance (support, product enhancements and upgrades to support new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365).
  • Licence does not include Address Verification API keys.
  • Each organization must generate and/or purchase its own address verification API Keys and provide them as configuration input in the application. Click Here for more information about our supported APIs.

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