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New Features Announcement for Address Validation for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

We should have started this blog a long time ago. But late is better than never.

We have released an updated solution for Address Validation for Dynamics 365! Before we walk you through the exciting product updates, let's start by discuss the name change : it is now called Address Validation for Dataverse.

Not only did we want to simply follow Microsoft in its product naming, but we also felt it was important to highlight the fact the product can be used as an add-on for Power Apps, as well as Dynamics 365/CRM first party apps, in both cases with Model Driven Apps only.

Now let's talk about what's exciting!


We are now on Microsoft App Source!

It has taken a bit of time, but the application is now available in Microsoft AppSource. Going forward, all customers using the cloud version of Dynamics 365 or Power Apps will have to provision the add-on through AppSource.

Customers running version Dynamics 365 version 8.2, online or on-premise, can still contact us via our Free Trial page to obtain the solution files.

Added support for new Address Verification APIs

We now officially support the following Address Verification APIs:

We offer an address validation end-user experience (autocomplete on forms) for all of these APIs. Background verification (workflow) is not available for Azure Maps and Canada Post yet.

Renewed end-user experience

Microsoft has introduced the Power Apps Component Framework (PFC) controls in 2019. PCF controls blend more natively in the Dynamics 365/Power Apps user interface. The configuration of the controls is also simpler.

For all of our supported APIs, we have created PCF Controls that provide an address auto-complete experience. We believe this will allow Power Apps and Dynamics 365 users to work faster and to reduce the amount of typing the have to make.

Customers currently using the web resource validation buttons for Bing Maps and Google Maps should plan to upgrade to the PCF components. The process to do so includes removing the web resource from your forms and adding the corresponding PCF control. Note that the web resources will be deprecated at some point in the future. We will make an announcement regarding this at some point in the future.

New Documentation Site

Our documentation has moved to a dedicated Help Center. This will help organize our content, make it searchable. It will also allow you to provide feedback on articles that are more useful than others, and point us to the information that is missing or unclear.

The Help Center can be access from here. We will keep adding documentation as the product evolves.

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