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How much time can you save by using an Address Autocomplete control?

One of our key added value is improving the user experience when they enter an address in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Power Apps. Directly in relation to the user friendliness is the time gain associated with it. This article provides some critical information regarding how much time you can save by using autocomplete.

Study Structure

We surveyed 10 customers of ours regarding the average time used to manually type in an address in the address fields of Dynamics 365/CRM and Power Apps. For these companies, we had the following scenarios:

  • Call center agent enters address data as it is being told to them by someone on the phone.

  • Agent types the address initially received in a paper format (business card, claim letters etc.).

  • Salesperson types address from a prospect they’ve identified.

We asked them to provide us with an estimated time for their end users to key in the addresses manually. We would agree that this piece of data is only based on information provided by end-users and not actually measured automatically by any system.

As an example, let’s take an agent on the phone who takes let’s say 12 calls/per day requiring manual address entry. That’s about 424 seconds or using an autocomplete control. We defined the Autocomplete completion time by the te first key typed and the click to select the address. We did this over a 2-week period until we reached 10,000 autocomplete completion.

The results

  • Average time to enter address manually by Dynamics users: 35.3 seconds.

  • Average Autocomplete completion time: 10.2 seconds.

This lined up with some of our own internal experiments. Look at the screenshots below, the first one show me manually entering the address data and the second show me using an autocomplete control to get to the same result.


As an example, let’s take an agent on the phone who takes let’s say 12 calls/per day requiring manual address entry. That’s about 424 seconds or 7 minutes per day doing that. Multiply by 210 working days and you get 1470 minutes (24.5 hours) per year doing this activity. Add more time for the times when the addresses were not entered properly, causing all sorts of issues.

Now let’s take the same agent using Address Validation for Dynamics 365’s address autocomplete control. The same agent would take about 122 seconds or 2 minutes per day entering an address. Over the same year (210 days), you get a total of 420 minutes (7 hours). In this case, you should also keep in mind that the chances of an error in the address are also drastically reduced.

In closing

This study has helped up demonstrate that for organizations with sales or service agents entering addresses manually, using an autocomplete control can drastically reduce the time spent doing this activity while ensure the data is accurate and standardized.

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